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Fiat Centoventi

This small city car has a retro design as it celebrates Fiat’s 120th anniversary.
In the Geneva Motor Show 2019, Fiat introduced the concept of an electric city car called “Concept Centoventi”. It was also designed to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Fiat’s success. Both the exterior design and the interior space offers many personalization possibilities, this stylish design small city car, if produced, the color will add color to the segment.

If we start getting to know the vehicle, we can talk about design first. The front and rear bumper distances are very short, and they have large tires and a cubic body. The design of the headlamp group with LED has also added an extremely modern and unique feel to the vehicle. In addition, the front-end design of the vehicle reminds us of some of the old Fiat models and also provides a retro look throughout the vehicle. The Fiat emblem on the front and the Fiat emblem on the front side are the details that reinforce this retro look.

Under the body of the vehicle is a completely electric motor system. Fiat also explains Centoventi as the most appropriate electric vehicle in its segment. But the technical details on Centoventi’s electric motor are not disclosed. As technical data, we know that this small city car concept can have a range between 100 and 500 km according to the battery pack.

One of the best aspects of the concept of Fiat Centoventi is that there are a lot of possibilities for personalization. Part of the vehicle can be differentiated such as ceilings, bumpers, wheel covers and coverings, and with the introduction of up to 120 additional accessories. In other words, customers can offer a special Centoventi. According to Fiat, these personalization processes can be done even after the delivery of the vehicle.

Personalization facilities seem to have continued in the interior of the vehicle. We also learn that many of the interiors are designed based on the “plug-in” principle. So the Centoventi sound system, console, in-door storage areas and seat cushions are interchangeable. This small city car’s tailgate is also digitally designed. Fiat says that this digital tailgate can deliver important messages to vehicles in the rear, and can even be used by advertising companies.

It is not yet known whether Fiat will produce the concept of the electric mini car, which it called Concept Centoventi. But if we look at the press release, we can say that the possibility of seeing this vehicle in the coming years is not very low.

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