Ford GT expands production of super car

In addition to normal production by 2022, 350 more Ford GT will be produced.

Ford, GT super car 2.he introduced his generation in 2016. For four years, it was planned that only 1,000 cars would be produced. The company now thinks that the number of production remains insufficient for those who dream of the vehicle, and in addition to this, it will produce 350 more units. In other words, the production plan extended from 2020 to 2022, while the total number of production increased from 1,000 to 1,350.

But even this amount does not cover all those who dream of owning the Ford GT and those who have enough material power to do so. Because Ford, 2.even when the generation introduced gt in 2016, it received 6,500 orders. In fact, the demand for the Ford GT is much more than the vehicle’s seen in his generation. Because the first generation Ford GT in 2005-2006 was sold and sold out in a very short time. But the vehicle is 2.the demand for his generation is even more than that.

Ford has actually experienced some difficulties in the production of the GT model. According to the original plan, between 2016-2020, a total of 1,000 Ford GT will be produced every year, 250 units. But in the first year, only 138 pieces were produced. In recent months, GT models have been recalled because of the suspicion of a hydraulic leak. This recall contained almost all Ford GTs.

But despite all these problems, we can’t deny that the Ford GT is a very successful super car. The race version of this car was also the winner in the LeMans races in 2016. In recent weeks, we have seen a Ford GT Tested On the Nürburgring track. This shows that Ford has continued to develop on this vehicle.

Also interesting is that people who buy the Ford GT can’t sell it for 2 years. This is because Ford is opposed to the vehicle being taken for commercial purposes. Because Ford wants this car to be bought by collectors and enthusiasts, and the car’s reputation is high. In fact, two years ago John Cena wanted to sell the Ford GT car and Ford had been on trial.

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