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Suzuki Swift

This vehicle is named Swift Sport Katana and unfortunately will be produced exclusively for 1 country.
The people who followed the motorcycles among our readers probably heard the motorcycle Suzuki Katana. Suzuki is now on the Swift Sport version of the Swift, a small hatchback vehicle that has been designed to match the performance of the motorcycle. But this special version of the Swift Sport Katana vehicles will be produced only 30 announced. What makes these tools even more special is that 30 will be sold only in the Netherlands.

When we examine the images of Swift Sport Katana, we see that there are black details in the vehicle. Side mirrors, rims, such as parts are prepared in bright black. The black strips along the body of the car, which are located at the bottom of the doors, have also completed them beautifully. Also bir Katana ıcı is a word that means Samurai sword. For this reason, for example, a sword symbol appears on the black stripe on the side of the vehicle. After all these black details, for the contrast, red details are added to the frame of the front grille.

When we look at the interior of the Swift Sport Katana, we see that the red and black colors continue to dominate. Also leather sports steering wheel etc. special equipment and special materials are also seen indoors. As a result of all this, the Suzuki Swifts have become very compatible with the Suzuki Katana motorcycle.

The vehicle’s engine is a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged unit. So the engine volume of Suzuki Swift Sport Katana is only 400 cc more than the Suzuki Katana motorcycle. Because the Katana motorcycle has a 999 cc inline 4-cylinder engine. The price of these special Suzuki Swifts was set at $ 32,400 in the Netherlands. Dutch customers who want to make a good combination with the Suzuki Katana in their garage can choose this vehicle.

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