VW Touareg V8 TDI


The firm’s marketing chief sees Touareg’s son as a collection model.
Volkswagen and diesel, be the last four years. Many automakers, including the brands of the Volkswagen Group, such as Porsche and Audi, were impressed by the diesel scandals at the beginning of the company. After the scandals, two German companies stopped production of diesel models.

But Volkswagen is one of these companies. He continued to be part of the Firkan series. The German manufacturer introduced the powerful diesel Touareg Cenevrei, which was equipped with the V8 TDI at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

4.0 litrelik devasa turbodizel motoruyla gelen Touareg, 416 beygir güç ve 900 Nm tork üretiyor. SUV modeli, durur halden 100 km/s hıza 4.9 saniyede ulaşıyor. Firmanın pazarlama şefi Jurgen Stackmann, modelin bir koleksiyon aracı olabileceğini belirtiyor. “Touareg’in önemli bir otomobil olduğuna inanıyoruz. Kendisine bir V8 eklemek özel bir onurdu ve onun bir koleksiyon modeli olacağını düşünüyoruz.”

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